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Mentorship Plus Program

When You Cannot Attend the Live Course:

We can help

  • Consultation

  • Live Courses

  • Mentorship Plus Program

  • Editing Services (CV / Resume, Personal Statement)

  • English Exams (IELTS, TOEFL, OET)

Courses & Services

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In Smart IMG Academy you will enjoy:

  1. The Most Comprehensive Prep. Course

  2. A Superb Selection of Heavily Tested Topics

  3. A Small Class Size

  4. An Amazing Coverage of Ethics Toughest Questions.

  5. Continuous Online Support till Your Exam Day*

  6. Complementary Consultation & Individualized Planning

Mentorship Plus Program Empowers You by:

  1.  Individualized goal setting & Personalized Planning

  2. Focusing on Your Specific Needs & Personal Strengths & Weaknesses

  3. Putting You in Control of Your Pace and Place of Study anywhere in the World

  4. Integrated Goal-Oriented Approach & Result-Oriented Execution Strategy

  5. Perfecting Your Time Management Skills by Weekly Graded MiniExams

  6. A common feeling at the exam day: “I thought That I Was Taking Just Another MiniExam with You.”

I am so excited to let you know that I have passed my exam at the very first attempt in April 2017. Looking backward, I feel that was the best decision of my life to enroll in your program. Now I am one step closer to my dream.

Omid Giahi, MD, Mentorship Plus Program - AMC-MCQ

I love your teaching method, especially those concept clarifying tables of yours. Those tables were epic, so critically essential in choosing the correct answer and not falling into the usual trap while taking the exam. Thank you.

Shahram Jazayeri, MD, Live Course - MCCEE

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The best part of the exam was the feeling that I had as if I was taking one of your MiniExams, no performance anxiety whatsoever.

Farshid Shokrkon, MD, Mentorship Plus Program - AMC-MCQ